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Lima gets a bad rap, but I like it. It definitely lacks the European grandeur of Buenos Aires or the natural setting of Rio, but it’s got an exciting energy, even if it is set in a bit rawer of an environment.

Shan and I have got one more night in Lima before we head back. This time we’re staying closer to the historical city center, but we make it out to Barranco for one last proper meal at Amoramar — the restaurant scene here is really strong — before Shan heads back to the states, and I head to Brazil.

At night we hit up Lima’s Parque de la Reserva, famous for its interactive and colorfully lit fountains. As tourist traps go it’s a worthwhile one, especially for a pair of photographers.

Parque Reserva



I have no captions for these

Still the same place


With Shannon gone, I have a ton of time to kill at the airport. Sitting at a cafe, I play my favorite travel game, guess the wifi password. I try “lima2014” and several others before finally giving up and just asking the waitress¬†que es el clave por el wifi.¬†Turns out it was lima2013. So close.

As I fly out of Lima I get a good view of Lake Titicaca.

Goodbye to Peru. Lake Titicaca from the air. #travel #aerial #peru #bolivia

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